I love the Bulls and I also kind of hate the Bulls.  So please enjoy my inner struggle as I try to navigate the emotional ride of a town fair zipper that is being a Bulls fan.  I would be remissed if I didn’t thank those who helped make my blogging dream a realty.  I could not have created this site without the inspiration of the following NBA players (in very specific order):

God Shamgod. Yinka Dare. Tony Dumas. Priest Lauderdale. Frank Brickowski. Eric Piatkowski. Mark Eaton. Dana Burros. Ricky Pearce. Uwe Blob. Calbert Cheaney. Sean May. Hersey Hawkins. Jeff Hornacek. Matt Bullard. Randolph Childress. Brooks Thompson. Howard Eisley. Matt Geiger. Carlos Rogers. Chris Corchiani. Malik Sealy. Tree Rollins. Greg Kite. Keith Booth. Travis Best. Vernon Maxwell. Bison Dele. Roy Tarpley. Jerome James. Donyell Marshall. Gary Trent. Adonal Foyle. Jon Koncack. Jim Mcllvaine. Bryant Reeves. Tiago Splitter.Julian Wright. Acie Law. Jordan Hill. BJ Mullens. Bob Sura. Cherokee Parks. Eric Maynor. Austin Daye. 

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